Ithaca Seventh-day Adventist® School


In terms of academics, the Ithaca SDA School strives for excellence. We seek to education the whole child, mind, body, and soul. This means that we set high standards for student success, while at the same time we also encourage the students to set their own high goals. Additionally, our low student to teacher ratio (maximum of  16 students per teacher) ensures that students get more of the teachers’ help, that students receive more individualized instruction, and that students do not fall between the cracks. Furthermore, our multi-grade classrooms provide multiple opportunities for review, early introduction, and individualization. Also, the multi-grade classroom fosters mentorship as older students engage with and seek to help the younger students.

In addition, our curriculum contains Bible class. Moreover, biblical principles are incorporated into all areas of academics. Our students are learning what it means to walk hand in hand with Jesus, day by day. Also, our science program is creation based. Thus, you will find that all scientific knowledge is viewed through the lens of God as Creator, Redeemer, and Friend.

In as much, our students are encouraged to develop characters that will stand them in good stead for the workforce and for heaven. Our students learn about principles such as respect, worth ethic, honesty, responsibility, and kindness. They are then encouraged to act out these principles in their interactions with each other. Our hope is that students will leave our school equipped with the academic and life skills to see them succeed in this world and the world to come. We want them to be prepared for whatever field God calls them to.