Ithaca Seventh-day Adventist® School

Extra Curricular

The Ithaca Seventh-day Adventist school is is determined to provide an educational program that develops the whole being. We want our children to be prepared to meet any of life's demands as well as find joy in the simple pleasures that God wants them to have. We want them to develop into responsible, caring, honest adults who can impact their world in a very positive way. To do this, we introduce students to a wide range of activities outside of the classroom that will allow them to experience life in different ways so that their talents and interests may be developed. These are just some of the ways we introduce them to our world.

Agriculture – Students learn the value, and experience the reward of hard work through growing plants in our school garden. Kids love it! They prepare the soil, plant, cultivate, harvest and eat the vegetables they produce. There are many of life's lessons to be learned in the garden.

Field Trips- Various field trips are planned that are both educational and enjoyable. In the past, we have visited Forest Hill Nature Area, Klackle orchards, Impression 5 Science Museum, various zoos, and others. Parents are usually invited to join us for a great time together!

Career Day- We are planning a career day each year with a variety of different fields of employment to expose the students to areas that they might naturally connect with. It allows them to get a peek into the type of work they might like to do and give them direction in planning towards their life's goals.

Community Service Projects- We feel it is very important for students to recognize the needs in our community and learn to give of themselves to make the world a better place for others. We have organized activities such as community leaf rake day, senior citizen valentine dinner, and thank you dinner for community emergency workers. The students have visited a Foster Care Home, and a nursing home to sing and read to the residents. We are our brother's keeper! They have also passed out cookies to local businesses just to connect with our community.

Programs- One of our latest programs we began in order teach the students about being stewards of the world God gave us is recycling. They are learning why it's important to recycle, where our trash goes, and how we can minimize waste.