Ithaca Seventh-day Adventist® School


Students sharing faith-faith in action:

  • We go on outreach projects that include sharing the good news of the gospel with others through Bible studies and visits to a local nursing homes.

Worship everyday:

  • Every day our school family has worship, twice a week we have joint worship where all the grades are together. The rest of the time we have classroom worship.

  • The teachers have staff worship before school starts everyday and invite Christ into the classroom to be the teacher.

Character development:

  • We believe that good character development is an essential part of the students’ education. One’s character determines their success in life on earth and their eternal destiny. God empowers us to form right habits that produce good character. We strive to encourage right habits to develop character.

  • We strongly emphasize honesty, hard work (work ethic), kindness, perseverance, faithfulness in little things, teamwork, respect, and staying connected with God.

Bible class

  • We have the privilege of teaching Bible class. Our textbook is the Bible and we teach the truths revealed in the Bible. We do not teach tradition, but place the Bible above all human authority. The students will learn Bible stories, Bible principles, memory verses, and the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Everything that the church teaches must be supported by the bible or it is not taught.


Prayer in the classroom:

  • Prayer is an essential part of our school day. We start and end the day with prayer and pause in the middle of the day to have prayer. The students get the opportunity to participate through praying and sharing praises and requests. The teachers also pray with the students before they take tests.


School Programs:

  • We have 4 major programs that the students prepare and perform through out the year. Except for graduation, they all replace the church service at the Ithaca Seventh-day Adventist Church.

    • Heritage Sabbath: Focuses on God’s leading in the past, particularly in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

    • Christmas Program: Focuses on Christ, particularly His birth

    • Education Sabbath: Focuses on the theme from the school year.

    • Graduation: Focuses on the achievements of our graduates.